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BLUE’s mission is to provide ozone-based  solutions for remediating our clients’ challenging sites.  In order to accomplish this mission, BLUE designs RemedO3Zone™ applications to meet the specific requirements of each of our clients and their sites.  BLUE's systems are constructed and tested, in our facility, then deployed to the required location.  Following deployment, on-site system engineering and start-up operations are completed. Our trained staff of ozone technicians completes periodic operation and optimization to assure the project’s operational performance goals. 

Gas injection of ozone and oxygen delivers high oxidation potential to the subsurface. Oxygen is the byproduct of an ozone-based ISCO project. The increase in subsurface oxygen provides for bioremediation as an addendum to the chemical remediation by ozone. There is no subsurface fouling nor production of toxic byproducts from this process, making it particularly attractive as an injected remediating agent.

Our competitive advantage is derived from the strong technical abilities of our staff, intimate knowledge and experience of equipment assets and ozone based innovative remedial technologies and our ability to successfully leverage this advantage on behalf of our clients.

BLUE has over 15 years of extensive experience implementing ozone based remedial solutions in the mid-Atlantic region - particularly in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. We are the “Go To” entity for obtaining site closure in the NJ Pinelands, one of the most restrictive regulatory environments on the East Coast.

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